Monday, 3 October 2011


I held the darling light in my arms
And as she fell to sleep
Cradled in this
Precious immensity of love
My soul rose
uninvited from the deep,
to bear there in the darkness,
the loss of You... of Us.
I held her as I may have held our own. Softly. Gently.
Sinead. Streams fell silently
From my eyes. My daughter’s sister,
Your son. My emptied womb.
Starkly confronted,
I wept.

Unwilling witness
As our Eden falls,
Forsaken, removed,
Tormented I
beg blindness...
if not for truth’s
sweet sake.

Like a widow walks
The ghost of promise
Still ties
Around my wrist.
Though the strings slipped away in shadow
The twilight of memory exists.

In nightmares
I am fearless,
I wade through rivers rushed with blood.
I cross.

In dreams
I’ve emptied laughter,
As prevailing as time.
An omnipresent solace,
Where miracles lie in wake;
And as I rock this first
which has reached home...
I survive this horrid desert.

I raise the moon.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Poetry is so much more than words.
It's a blue london sky, and a mustard ducati
flying by my window.
The Swan.
So I finally took the step of setting this little space 
up ...yet I haven’t managed to take the time to begin 
using it. I did promise it would be random, 
and so it is. 
It’s a bit of a reflection of life in that way. 
Life seems consistently random... relying 
on change, while change relies on time and 
time is infinitely escaping.
The irony is that time is ever present.
It’s not every day that I’m driven to write. 
In fact throughout my life it’s often been 
the hardest emotions that I can somehow 
break through in this medium. 
There is certainly words swimming around 
right now that, if the moment comes, will indeed 
release me. But until then...I think today will be 
celebratory....its nice to start this out with a blessing.

Written for Idil & Dan, On their Wedding Day.
April 29th (just over a week ago now).

Out of the dark forest
glides the swan.
Who is this Turkish maiden
Who rides aloft?
She is Beautiful. She is strong.
                       She carries you.

You are the music
That carries the dawn
Touching her fingertips
With the light of
Eternal Promise.